Thursday, April 2, 2009

A break from haiku... time for limmericks!

A druid, I met, from Darnassus
We spoke while we healed up Naxxramas
"You heal great as a tree,"
said I unto he,
"But when hit, do you bleed out molasses?"

Resto shamans are really quite slick
Their Chain Heal's a nice magic trick
But think of their plight
When after each fight
They must go back and play Pick-up Sticks!

A pally, with shield and a blade
Caused me to ask, while dismayed,
"Why, when we slew Noth
Did you roll on that cloth?"
"Oh, that was a fashion upgrade!"


  1. These are great. Bravo!

  2. Purple is SO not your color Bel, let the pally have the pretty robe. :P