Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long time, no haiku

Time is the enemy of all bloggers. Time's demands have kept me from this blog for too long. Unfortunately time has kept me away from Cataclysm as well. I have been playing some Starcraft though, and I'd like to get back into blogging.

Therefore, I've started a new blog where I can post brief bits on Starcraft and Warcraft. It's Rhymecraft, at There I will post about the 'crafts in haiku, limerick, and who knows what else. Hey, it's a weird idea, but we play the hands we're dealt!

To celebrate, here are two pieces of poetry:
In Cata our talents have doubled
And we got our big Barrier bubble
And we got Leap of Faith
So when danger is grave
We can yank our raidmates out of trouble!
I was so excited to see Power Word: Barrier added to the game. And I wasn't expecting Leap of Faith, but it was a really clever idea and I think a potent tool.
Chakra healing state:
Better healing on command?
Holyform at last!
Oh Blizzard, you finally added Holyform. You shouldn't have! It only took 6 years! Oh well, we can forgive you, we are priests after all. Now, let's talk about Discform...

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