Thursday, March 26, 2009

Angel Dwarf form!

I just uploaded a header image that I've been playing around with for this blog. Hopefully it is pleasing to the eye!

I chose the Spirit of Redemption form (or as it is more correctly know, Angel Dwarf form) for the header image because it's the closest thing we have to the long-wished-for Holyform. And it is a pretty good form. I had my doubts when it was first implemented, when it was snarkily referred to as "Improved Death." I even tested it on the PTR back then, respeccing and getting myself killed by a boar so I could try it out (and then spending 15 seconds realizing I probably should have tested it somewhere I could actually heal someone).

But I came to love Spirit of Redemption over the years. Obviously it shined most in PvP, where in battleground skirmishes I often was relieved when I died, since now I could heal people without those pesky CC's, stuns, and interrupts. When the glyph of SoR was announced I was excited and I used it for some time, managing to keep Angel Dwarf form going for 45 seconds to a minute, before the glyph was nerfed.

It's true that the spell only comes into play if something goes wrong and you die, but it has nevertheless allowed me to get in a lot of last-minute healing, and pull out some victories in heroics and arenas that otherwise would have been full wipes. And now that I'm disc specced I do miss it. Some day, probably when dual specs arrive, I will become an Angel Dwarf again!

Priests: we heal more after death than most classes do all day.

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