Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dwarf racial awesomeness

In addition to healing and AddOns, another thing I take seriously is being a Dwarf. Back in the day, being a Dwarf priest was the "correct" choice for Alliance PvE healing. I mean WAY back in the day, when paladins and druids were off-healers, and when there weren't any Alliance shamans. But I was always proud of my Dwarfdom... especially when Desperate Prayer saved me from lava packs and when we needed Fear Ward for Magmadar.

Over time, the game has become more and more balanced. Druids and pallies have multiple raid roles, both factions have shamans, and every priest has Fear Ward. Overall this is a great trend: every class should be equally viable. But hand in hand with this has come a continual decrease in our Dwarfiness! You see, we Dwarves are so awesome, that they've had to share our overpowered Dwarf nature with the other races.

Fear Ward was the big deal at first, and was eventually given to all priests (at the same time boss fears became much less of a big deal). We also lost Chastise, which was Fear Ward's replacement. I don't mind that since anyone could see it was silly we got it in the first place (Hey, let's take away one OP Alliance priest racial, nerf it and give it to everyone, and then in its place let's give Dwarves and Draenei a RANGED INSTANT-CAST STUN/INCAPACITATE. That'll be fair!)

Recently Desperate Prayer, my favorite lifesaver, was changed into a holy talent. I'll miss the Dwarven smugness that always came with using this ability to save myself from some AoE, but at least it's on a shorter cooldown now.

So what are we Dwarves left with, with all Priest racial spells gone? We'll always have Stoneform. Not much, but great in PvP and for bosses that use poisons. Except that all priests are getting access to this too, with a new holy talent in 3.1 that will allow Abolish Disease to remove poisons when cast on yourself. Maybe Blizzard hoped to sneak this in with all the other changes, but I see what's going on:

All the other races are so jealous, that they even want our race abilities. They (correctly) recognize how awesome we Dwarves are, and want a piece of the action. It's okay, it's understandable. Not everyone can be so tall in power despite being short in stature!

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