Monday, March 16, 2009


As this is a new blog, I figure the first post should be an introductory one.

I am a WoW player, a raider, a healer, and a mod author. I hope for this blog to be a place for me to record some of my thoughts (read: ramblings) on these topics.

As a WoW player, I play a Dwarf Priest, and have been a healer since the closed beta. I started on Whisperwind with my wife and friends; we are now on Azuremyst. We are raiders primarily: my wife is a tank, I am a healer, and our friends are various DPS classes. I am happy with and somewhat proud of my choice to play as a Dwarf Priest (the "correct" race for healing!).

As a mod author, I publish AddOns under the name Wikwocket. I have written a few mods mostly for myself and my friends, but some others have found them useful. AnnoyingBuffReminder and CCBreakWarner are useful mods that people seem to like. I am also the author of CasterWeaponSwapper, which for a time was popular among some hardcore top-end healing raiders, but which has fallen into disuse as Blizzard has discouraged in-combat weapon swapping (and not offered competitive proc-based enchants for casters).

This blog is called Holyform because I thought naming it after a cool Priest spell would be memorable, but I couldn't choose one. So why not use the one they never gave us! I hope the blog develops into something interesting and fun, and just maybe is of interest to anyone besides me. Time will tell!

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